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Space and the Primary Elements II - Design Workshop

Rebecca Fitzsimmons - Fall Semester 2004

Rebecca Fitzsimmons - Fall Semester 2004
Problem Description:
The students obtain (3) 12”x 12” boards (i.e. cardboard). On each 12” square board a grid of one-inch increments is drawn. The 12” squares are used to construct three sides of a cube. Each 12” grid is used to define the X, Y & Z-axis of the cube. The problem then starts where ‘Space and the Primary Elements I’ left off. The points and planes of the ‘final solution’ of the previous problem are scaled down to fit the 12” x 12” grid and then replicated on the x-y plane. This serves as a point of departure to the design process. The overall volume of the cube in relation to the spaces created by the existing points and planes is studied. How the points and planes can be utilized to “complete” the cube, using the grid as the primary organizing system, is then analyzed. The existing points and planes can be modified or subtracted, and additional elements can be added in order to activate the entire 12” x 12” x 12” space. The orientation of the points and planes in relation to all three axes must be addressed. Eventually the two 12” x 12” side pieces will be removed. Of the three original 12” x 12” boards, only the base plane (x-y plane) may remain. The proportion of the original cube, however, must be able to be read in the overall articulation of the elements. The individual pieces must therefore work together to form both a visual and structural system. As with the previous problem, the main objectives continue to be the articulation of space, scale, proportion and balance. During the critiquing process the students are also challenged to develop an architectural language that articulates their design approach. In addition, various materials are explored and connections are crafted that visually reinforce and structurally strengthen the design.
Samplings of Students' Work:

Michael Maahs - Spring Semester 2006

Mical Bracken - Fall Semester 2004

Mical Bracken - Fall Semester 2004

Nathaniel Maddison - Fall Semester 2004

Nathan Allen - Spring Semester 2007

Chris Morrow - Summer Semester 2005

Benjamin Hansen - Fall Semester 2005

Brian Glad - Fall Semester 2005

Brian Glad - Fall Semester 2005

Chase Raymond - Spring Semester 2006

Steffan Lofgren - Spring Semester 2006

Steven Walters - Summer Semester 2006

Design Workshop Studio - Students' Design Process

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